Monthly Musings For April 2018: Blog News and All Things Noteworthy

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A Little Better

While the post wasn’t for my blog, I did write an article for LinkedIn called The Performance Review Blues: How To Make Better Goals. I’m working my way back to writing more.

As a mea culpa for the lack of new posts, I’m going to post a story that I wrote a bit ago on another blog about my experience playing bingo in Los Angeles called “Old Lady Smackdown.”  The series will start Wednesday. I hope you enjoy!

Not Geek/Nerd Related, But Related To The Blog

As mentioned last month, I am keeping track of my new year’s resolutions with an infographic (via Canva) that highlights my accomplished goals in March.

mar 2018

I’ve been taking swimming lessons on Sundays to get myself back into proper form and shape. I try to do an additional lap swim at least once a week and hoping to add a second day this month.
How did you do on your goals/resolutions? Let me know in the comments section.

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