Feed The Bookworm! My 2017 Reading Challenge Results

I am a big reader; regular, eBook, and audiobook. I don’t care how the information gets uploaded into my brain as long as it does. I keep track of my consumption on GoodReads (both the phone app and the website) and have been participating in their reading challenge since 2011. My goal for 2017 is 80 books, which I reached in August so I increased it to an even 100. I reached that goal at the end of October so I increased it again to 115. I ended up reading a grand total of 121 books.

Below is my ranking system when I blog about them. The categories are a bit broad because of the difficulty in categorizing books rather than the easiness of rating movies. I rate them on GoodReads on their 5-star scale with a minor review if you are interested (everything below is linked). It comes down to: I really recommend, I recommend, or I do not recommend. I separate out the fiction, non-fiction, and series that I read. Have a look and let me know your thoughts on these. Enjoy!


Books That Are Apart Of A Series I Am Reading (And Love)

Fiction Awesome:

Non-Fiction Awesome:

Fiction Recommended:

Non-Fiction Recommended:

Fiction NOT Recommended:

Non-Fiction NOT Recommended:

Books Re-read:

Past Rankings from old blog:

I accept all friend requests on GoodReads if you want to friend me there.

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    1. When I’m not reading, obviously. It is one of the benefits of a long commute as well as being an extrovert since we feel “silences are there to be filled.” So why not fill them with audiobooks?


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