Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film March Madness 2019 Brackets – My Picks For Section One

I’m not a sports fan, but I do enjoy variations of picking March Madness brackets for movies, books, and TV shows. This year the evil, cruel, beautiful people at came up with a bracket for “What’s The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film of the Last Ten Years.”

This was not at all easy to do. I felt physical pain in deciding between some of them. I thought I would show you my list and I would justify my choices. There are four sections total, and then those four winners would compete. Below is the first section.

Round 1

Bracket 1: Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

My Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road
Reason: When it comes to the filmmaking, Mad Max earns the title of a film while Rouge One sells popcorn.

Bracket 2: Star Wars: The Last Jedi vs. Inside Out

My Pick: Inside Out
Reason: The Last Jedi‘s faults tip the scale toward Inside Out without any hesitation.

Bracket 3: Black Panther vs. The Conjuring

My Pick: Black Panther
Reason: To be fair, I didn’t see The Conjuring, but I enjoyed Black Panther.

Bracket 4: Cloud Atlas vs. The Wind Rises

My Pick: Cloud Atlas
Reason: To be fair, I didn’t see The Wind Rises.

Bracket 5: Logan vs. The Avengers

My Pick: Logan
Reason: This was a bit harder of a decision. The scales tipped in Logan‘s favor because there were more character moments and more craft to the filmmaking. However, I have watched The Avengers more times.

Bracket 6: Moon vs. The Girl With All the Gifts

My Pick: Moon
Reason: To be fair, I haven’t seen The Girl With All the Gifts, but I loved Moon.

Bracket 7: The Shape of Water vs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My Pick: The Shape of Water
Reason: Much like The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens is a popcorn movie filled with moments designed to make audiences happy while abandoning all filmmaking. The Shape of Water had more craft to it.

Bracket 8: Snowpiercer vs. Deadpool

My Pick: Snowpiercer
Reason: Another semi-difficult decision because I love both movies for very different reasons. While Deadpool is a lot of fun and is well made, Snowpiercer blows its doors off with its script and incredible performances.

Round 2

Bracket 1Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Inside Out

My Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road
Reason: As much as I love Pixar’s Inside Out, the comparison isn’t fair. It’s like comparing apples to candy.

Bracket 2: Black Panther vs. Cloud Atlas

My Pick: Black Panther
Reason: To be fair, I enjoyed the Cloud Atlas book far more than the movie. I never read Black Panther comics, but none of that matters when comparing films. Wakanda Forever!

Bracket 3: Logan vs. Moon

My Pick: Moon
Reason: Another hard choice. No offense to Wolverine, but Moon outshines as a movie.

Bracket 4: The Shape of Water vs. Snowpiercer

My Pick: Snowpiercer
Reason: I didn’t love The Shape of Water as much as I hoped I would. I did love Snowpiercer right out of the gate.

Round 3

Bracket 1: Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Black Panther

My Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road
Reason: I love Marvel and Wakanda Forever, but as filmmaking goes, Mad Max wins this race.

Bracket 2: Moon vs. Snowpiercer

My Pick: Moon
Reason: This is not fair! These are two underappreciated movies. They both deserve to move on to the next round. It comes down to performances, and Sam Rockwell squeaks Moon into round four.

Round 4

Final Bracket: Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Moon

My Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road
Reason: They both use practical special effects. Moon has far more subtlety. Max has more of everything else. The clip below shows filmmaking at a level that none of the other movies in this round comes close to having.

Winner of Section 1: Mad Max: Fury Road

Stay tuned for Section 2 picks!

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