Week 11: From My Vault: 0 Movies Watched – Vacation Edition

Continuing my weekly series where I go through my impressively large collection (1,054 titles) of DVDs and Blu-Rays. I have been neglecting older movies for new ones, so I’m going through and re-watching everything from my vault. I have the films divided into categories: General, Series, Classics, Kids, Shakespeare, and Documentary. I’m starting with General.

As you may have guessed based on last week’s post, I spent this week in Las Vegas. While I didn’t get a chance to watch any movies I already own, I did watch four new films.

Ferdinand (2017)

Format: Streaming – Alaska Airlines
Comments After Watching: I missed seeing this in the theater. I remember loving the book as a kid and thought they did a good job conveying the spirit of the book into a film. John Cena was great as the voice and gag of a bull in the china shop was funny.

Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

Format: Streaming – Alaska Airlines
Comments After Watching: I wanted to make sure I watched this before the new Christopher Robin movie comes out this year. While I haven’t fact-checked the film, it was a good story. It was very heart-wrenching to watch, but they handled the difficult parts well. I didn’t realize that A.A. Milne fell under the Lost Generation umbrella of artists messed up by World War I.

I, Tonya (2017)

Format: Streaming – Hulu
Comments After Watching: I enjoyed this movie enough that I’m tempted to watch it again right away. I didn’t know the story beyond the headlines and didn’t remember hearing about Tonya Harding before “the incident.” Margot Robbie was fantastic, and the scene in the courtroom rips your heart out for her. While some things are unclear about the reality of who did what, I’d like to believe the story they tell in the movie. The filmmaking is worth mentioning because of the style of mixing interview, re-telling and breaking the fourth wall so that it dynamically tells the story.

The Disaster Artist (2017)

Format: Streaming – Amazon Prime
Comments After Watching: I have been to a screening of The Room, and I have read the book that the movie is based on. While they changed a few things because the truth is stranger than fiction, I thought the changes made sense to adapt it to the big screen. The cast was great and the side-by-side re-creations they show at the end are perfect. I’m not sure how enjoyable the movie is if you haven’t seen The Room.

Next week we will return with another week’s selection with more randomness of the types of movies I own. Come back next week to see what I watched next.

Have you seen any of these movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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