NEWS: MoviePilot and Shutting Down

In a blog post called “Monthly Musings For May 2017: My Voice Is My Passport. Verify Me,” I talked about writing for a website called which funneled articles into other sites including MoviePilot. The process of becoming a “Verified Creator” through their writing boot camp boosted me up from yet another blogger to a content author.


Since January 15th, I wrote 26 pieces for them which 15,000 people have read. Other sites picked up about half of those articles. I had a post featured on the main page, and I managed to win 3 of the 5 challenges. Most, if not all, of what I wrote for them, ended up here on this blog.

Shutting Down

Last week they announced that at the end of the month (November 2017), they would no longer exist. I’m not sure if the websites will be completely shut down or the ability to post new content. The community welcomed everyone equally as well as supported each other to make great content, and I am sad to see it go.

It was nice while it lasted. I reached far more readers than I would have and my writing has dramatically improved with their feedback.

On the “About The Author” tab, you can find a list of all the articles they published if you want to check them out before the shutdown.


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  1. Good for you, you’ve taken a hit and will return stronger.
    No one recalls sheep but they do remember ‘fighters’ id est writers.


  2. It deserves to be closed down.

    When first started, it was a brilliant platform and really supported writers.

    The last 12 months or so have been the opposite. Their continual editing to change well written articles into asanine ckickbait, the never ending memes they flood Facebook with. The fact they detracted from their original vision and themes and started posting crap about celebrity Tweets, etc.

    I laugh at how they blame a drop in readership and say it’s beasuce people no longer want to read.
    No the drop in readership is because of the crap management in place at Creators who kept favouring poorly written articles that featured ‘flavour of the month’ content over well observed and delivered content.

    They tried to become popular by lowering to the lowest common denominator… and it failed.

    People are more than willing to read GOOD content. It’s when to try to flood the market with inane hogwash when readership falls.


    1. I came into this late, but I did notice a lot of inconsistency over the last few months. I could never figure out why some articles would get picked over others and when I asked, I never heard back. I tried asking for feedback before publishing, but it would take a week and it would be “change two words.” I did notice a lot of their articles were clickbait. I completely agree that good content triumps over popular trends. It’s sad they couldn’t figure it out and keep it open longer.


    2. I started writing for them a while back and became a VC within 2 weeks.

      When I started, it was generally great, the management was there, the back-up you needed was there. You sent them an email/message and you’s get a reply within 24 hours. But they made a fatal mistake – they decided to open the doors to anyone. Once they were VERY selective over who wrote for them and who became VCs. That changed because all they saw was money and the more writers they had, the more money it brought in. But also the more people, the less management there is to go around.

      Creators went from well written articles by passionate writers to a slew of crap. Genuine talented and eager writers were being passed over for people who would churn out crap fast to get clicks.

      I left earlier this year due to the decline and said to my then appointed manger/editor (Julian Gerdes) that the site will close down within a year if they don’t go back to their roots and get the talent back… and I as right.

      Creators was once a great place and part of me is sad to see it go – but then again there is the other side where I honestly think they deserve it too, they’ve done this to themselves. Creators is not closing due to dropping readership… well it is, but the drop in readership is due to the bad practices they put in place. People will read GOOD content if its there, but they will quickly bore of click-bait and memes.

      Anyway, keep on tapping away at that keyboard. Creators was a nice experience while it lasted but there will be other and better opportunities in the future for genuine writers.

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    3. Hey, sorry for the late reply been busy.

      Yes I have my own blog where I cover movies and games:
      I do short articles as well as longer, more in-depth ones.

      The blog is just a hobby of mine though. I’m trying to break trough as a writer. I currently have two paperbacks on Amazon, I’m about two thirds of the way though my first full novel – a vigilante thriller that is not as straight forward as it first seems. Plus I’m also going full tilt on writing an in-depth look at the British gaming developers/publishers of the 80s and 90s, info on my blog about that one. Then I’m also working on my second short story collection.

      Basically, I’m writing a lot.
      You’ve got to keep at it if its something you genuinely love doing…and I do.

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    1. According to the emails, it took them 6 extra weeks to figure out how to export everyone’s content. They aren’t approving anyone’s articles so it is mostly spam and people still just posting to have it up somewhere even for just a bit. MoviePilot is just the full-time writers posting even though their ranks are thinned. They have paid everyone out about a month ago.


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