They Came From 2021! My Movie Watching Guide

When I moved to Seattle in 2008, I began keeping track of all the movies I managed to see which came out that year. I track whether I watched them in the theater (and how many times) or on the small screen (in italics). I also indicate which ones I’ve purchased [Blu-ray]. Movies that were exclusive to specific streaming services are also indicated with [Netflix], [Amazon], [Hulu], [Disney+], [HBO Max], or [AppleTV].

Below are the movies that debuted in 2021 and at the bottom of this post, you can find links to my rankings from 2008-2020.

Grand Total: 97     In Theater:   20      At Home/Streaming:      77             In 2022: 4

The Beyond Awesome/Fun (A+ for Everything):

The Award Season Awesome (A):

The Highly Enjoyable (Solid A):

The Award Season Good (A-/B+):

The Guilty Pleasures (A for Effort):

The Good (Solid B):

The Just Okay (B-/C+):

The Neither Good Nor Bad (C):

The Bad (D):

Deeply Disappointing: 

So Bad I Stopped Before The End:

Want to See, but Haven’t Come Out Yet (Leftovers From 2020):

Death on the Nile, Fantastic Beasts 3, Minions 2: The Rise of Gru, Top Gun: Maverick

Want to See, but Haven’t Yet:

Card Counter, Dear Evan Hansen, The French Dispatch, The Green Knight, Language Lessons, Licorice Pizza, Old, Small Engine Repair, Snake Eyes, Spencer, Stillwater, The Tragedy of MacBeth

Past Rankings from old blog:

Which movies this you see this year? Anything not on my list that you recommend? Let us know in the comments section.

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