Monthly Musings For Jan 2019: Blog News and All Things Noteworthy

Welcome new readers and welcome back regular followers!

Room For Improvement

While I missed December, I’m making up for it by writing this mid-January so, I’m only six or seven weeks behind instead of eight. I blame the holidays for the delay and you should too.

My New Year’s Resolutions

I love goals and lists. Checking off an item on a to-do list is enormously satisfying. A new year provides an excuse to make new goals.

My Big Goals:

  • Donate three gallons of platelets (I donated 2.3 gallons in 2018)
  • Read 125 books (I read 124 in 2018)
  • Beat my record for movies seen in the theater (I saw 58 in 2018)
  • Beat my record for blog posts written (I wrote 43 in 2017 and 40 in 2018)
  • Beat my record for articles written (I wrote 31 in 2017 and only 5 in 2018)
  • Put together a book proposal by the end of the year to shop around to book agents
  • Travel to six places either by car or airplane (I only made 5 trips in 2018)

My some of smaller goals include participating in Shakespeare Sunday on Twitter each week, posting at least once a week on Instagram, physically writing correspondence to family and friends, and keeping up on regular chores.

According to Todoist (my favorite to do list application/website) in 2018:

  • I completed 3551 tasks (369 more than 2017)
  • I was most productive in August
  • I get the most done on Sundays
  • I’m in their top 1% of their users

New (Non-Geek Related) Blog

My life consists of many, many different parts. While geek/nerd/entertainment endeavors make up a large chunk, I do have other parts I would like to write about in the future. Instead of clogging this blog with non-entertainment stories, I created a new blog.

The new blog will be a bit more haphazard and will be treated more like a personal blog. I intend to write on both equally (see new year’s resolutions above), but keep topics separate.

I needed a name for this blog and decided to go with “A Badly Named Blog.” You can follow it along with this blog. I will also list links to the posts in the monthly recap under “In Case You Missed It.”

Writing For Another Website

I had an unpleasant yet interesting experience recently when an anonymous person used a website to send me animal poop through the mail. I wrote up the details and published it on I’m considering writing two more companion articles to this one about what I learned about the legal ramifications and one about how my co-workers, friends, and family reacted.

My article: A New Kind of Movement: I received poop in the mail

In Case You Missed It

Badly Named Blog posts:

Post Call to action

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