There are many different list challenges that focus on people’s favorite picks for movies, television shows, or books. They were all focused on one type with categories very specific to that medium. I created a challenge where the categories can apply to any of the three types or you can blog about them all.

The categories I created are a mix of favorites and prompts that trigger personal stories. This will lead to a nice list of recommendations for those following along. At the bottom of this post is what you need to know if you want to take part as a fellow blogger.


The Challenge/Rules

  1. Choose if the blog posts will focus only on movies, television, books, or all three.
  2. Once you decide, stick to that choice for the whole challenge.
  3. Following the below list, write one blog post that fits each category.
  4. There should be 30 unique answers with no repeats.
  5. If posting on social media, use the hashtag: #GETRECD30
  6. Have fun!

The List

  • Week 1: Gun To My Head: Pick A Favorite
  • Week 2: Favorite Introduction of a Main Character
  • Week 3: Hidden Gem
  • Week 4: Favorite First Installment Of A Series
  • Week 5: First Purchase
  • Week 6: Surprisingly Good Adaptation
  • Week 7: Favorite Criminals
  • Week 8: Shows Off My Hometown/State
  • Week 9: Favorite Musical
  • Week 10: Guilty Pleasure
  • Week 11: Childhood Favorite
  • Week 12: Makes Me Want Dessert
  • Week 13: Favorite Shakespeare-Related
  • Week 14: I Was Late To Get On The Bandwagon
  • Week 15: Goes Bump In The Night
  • Week 16: Made Me Cry The Hardest
  • Week 17: Favorite Law Enforcement Team/Officer/Detective
  • Week 18: Based On A True Story
  • Week 19: Always Makes Me Laugh
  • Week 20: Favorite World Building
  • Week 21: Road Trip!
  • Week 22: Met The Creator (Q&A or Autograph)
  • Week 23: Looking Forward To The Future
  • Week 24: Favorite Ensemble Cast of Characters
  • Week 25: Traumatized For Life
  • Week 26: Most Influential To My Vocabulary
  • Week 27: Favorite Made Before I Was Born
  • Week 28: My Opinion Has Changed Over Time (for the better)
  • Week 29: Favorite Period Drama
  • Week 30: Most Recent Addition To My Top 10


Want To Participate?

As A Reader…

Read! Like! Share! Comment!

If you don’t want to do the whole challenge but have favorites of your own, then comment on the appropriate post. I’d love to hear your picks and stories too.

As A Writer…

Write! Have Fun! If you want to do this as a 30-Day challenge, go for it!

I will have a category on the sidebar of all the blogs participating. Email me at ( your link and let me know which type you are doing (books, movies, television, or all three).


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