Monthly Musings For June 2017: Couple Few Things Part 1

Greetings returning and new blog followers! Here are a few things going on this week which includes a new blog design.

Design Changes Afoot!

You may notice a few changes this week. I am going to be playing around with the layout of the blog. It shouldn’t affect anything except the look and where links will live. I’ll let you know when I am happy with the design (for now at least).

Blog Posts Are Now In Video

There is a website called Lumen5 that helps you take our blog posts and converts them into videos. It is pretty easy and fun to do. It takes about 15 minutes to create and a couple of hours to render. I made the two blogs below into videos.

Speaking Of Videos

I have created a YouTube Channel here: Questing Geek/Kathy Bugajsky Channel

You can subscribe to the channel and see any new videos that get posted. In addition to that, I am creating some playlists of videos that I think others might enjoy. I am adding more as I go. So far there is:

Questing Geek’s Favorite Movie Compilations¬†– These are videos other people have created by editing different movies together. There are a lot out there, but these are some of the best.

Questing Geek’s Geek/Nerd Recommendations –¬†These are videos that are all geek/nerd related and a some of my favorites.

I was thinking of creating other playlists as well. Perhaps a book related list or appropriate entertainment TED Talks or movie trailers to some of my favorite films.

What playlists would you like to see me put together? Let me know in the comments section. Anything that is entertainment related.

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