They Came From 2016! My Movie Watching Guide

Since 2008, I have been keeping track of all the movies I have watched that came out that year. This was originally tracked on my previous blog. At the bottom of this post, you can find links to my rankings from 2008-2015.

Below are all the movies that I saw in 2016 in order of when I saw them. If there is a number listed, that is how many times I saw them in the theater. If it says [Blu-ray], then I own it. If it is in italics, then I saw it, but not in the theater.


Grand Total: 79     In Theater: 44     On Video/Streaming: 20     Watched in 2017-21: 24

The Beyond Awesome/Fun (A for Everything):

 The Award Season Awesome (A+):

 The Highly Enjoyable (Solid A):

 The Award Season Good (A-/B+):

 The Guilty Pleasures (A for Effort):

 The Good (Solid B):

The Just Okay (B-/C+):

 The Neither Good Nor Bad (C):

 The Bad (D):


Watched so I could complain about it and it was so much worse than I originally thought:

 Still Want to See, but Haven’t yet (3):

Light Between the Oceans

Past Rankings from old blog:

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